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The CCIE data center is a reputed networking certification. It is recognized as a network engineer's proof of skill, knowledge, and expertise. It offers deep technical knowledge to make a professional ready to take on the data center assignment challenges in the industry. The CCIE certification is recognized globally as the pattern and theprogram is continuously upgraded by Cisco. The program quality, tested methods, and the relevance of the program to the core industry practices make it a desirable course for someone looking for a jump in their IT career.

The CCIE data center course is conducted by certified Cisco instructors. The students get access to the latest physical equipment as recommended by the CCIE Data Center v3.0 Lab. The course is reviewed frequently to update it as per requirements.

Here is the list of qualifying exams: 
● Network
● Automation
● Security
● Storage Network
● Compute

Here are the lab exams to appear for the qualifying:
● Data Center L2/L3 Connectivity.
● Data Center Storage Protocols and Features.
● Data Center Automation and Orchestration.
● Data Center Fabric Infrastructure.
● Data Center Security and Network Services.
● Data Center Compute.
● Data Center Fabric Connectivity.

The course is apt for:
● Network engineers who have appeared for the core exam
● Network engineers who come with at least 5 to 7 years of experience in deployment, designing, operation, and optimisation of the Cisco data center technologies
● Network engineers that use the expert level process to solve problems and carry out option analysis to support the technologies and the topologies of the data center
● Network designers who support and design data center technologies

The course is apt for professionals and students who are working in the technology and IT sectors and wish to enhance their learning and gain a globally recognised professional certification that can help improve their job prospects.

To gain complete benefit from the course you should have the below skills and knowledge.

● Be familiar with TCP/IP networking and ethernet
● Understand routing, networking protocols, and switching
● A foundation knowledge of Cisco ACI
● Understanding of SANs
● Familiar with the fiber Channel protocol
● Be able to identify the products in the Cisco MDS families. the Cisco Data enter neNxus and the Data Center architecture
● Understand the architecture and the server system design
● Be familiar with the virtualization fundamentals

After the course completion, the student can validate create, and analyze the network designs. They understand the capabilities of various solutions and technologies. They are well-versed in translating the clients’ requirements into solutions. Students are capable of operating and deploying the network solutions and can position themselves as a technical leader in enterprise networks. They can combine their design and technical skills and are capable of meeting the new-age tech needs of network programmability and automation.

The candidate needs to appear for an 8-hour practical exam which accesses their skill on the network lifecycle. The exam has 2 modules each of which has a minimum mark and a passing score.

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is a prestigious certification and here are the reasons why it is one of the most sought-after courses today.

● CCIE professionals earn a high salary and many job opportunities open up for them after this certification.
● The certification is globally recognized and demonstrates the professional’s expertise in Cisco networking technology.
● Networking is critical to almost all businesses and thus CCIE certification is highly in demand.
● Those with the certification can demand over 30% higher salary in comparison to their noncertified peers.
● The certification is designed to keep up with the latest trends in the IT industry and this keeps the skill relevant in the market.
● Several job opportunities open up for a CCIE certified professionals as consultants, network managers, and network architects.

● Personalised training program that helps students meet their full potential.
● Certified trainers who come with years of teaching and practical experience.
● Cost-effective coaching which makes the course value for money.
● Choice of online and offline courses which give students the flexibility to study as per their comfort
● Several courses to choose from as per the professionals’ career dreams.
● A mix of theoritical and practical knowledge that offers independent analysis and helps in boosting the student's career.

● 100% job assistance after completing the certification.
● Interview assistance to help students crack the toughest of rounds.
● Lan and Wan Technology offers courses that are accredited and help students build their career.

Once the candidate gets the CCIE Data Center certification they are eligible to work as a Sr. data center engineer, lead consulting systems engineer, LC network designer, or a Sr technical solutions architect.

Lan Wan Technology is a trusted CCIE Data Center Training institute that helps and trains students to achieve their goals of being CCIE certified.


Who are the ideal candidates to enroll in the CCIE data center training program?
The ideal candidates are those who come with basic networking knowledge as the training is designed to meet the skill set of IT and network engineers.

What are the devices used in the hands-on lab?
The students get a hands-on experience on the CCIR Racks which is based on the latest examination blueprint.

What is the demand for CCIE Data Center experts in the market?
There is a huge demand for certified CCIE Data Center experts as it lets them establish themselves as an expert in their industry.

How much is the passing score in the CCIE Data Center examination?
There are two modules and each module has a minimum and a passing score. The scores are decided based on the difficulty of the exam paper.

What is the pass score and the minimum score?
The pass score corresponds to the competence at an expert level. The minimum score is the lowest minimum scored that you can expect from an expert candidate.

What is the scoring pattern to pass the exam?
The candidate should score higher than the aggregate pass score of both the modules and they should score higher than the minimum score that is set on each of the modules. In case the candidate scores less than the aggregated pass mark of both the modules or gets less than the minimum score on any module then they fail the exam.

What happens if the candidate fails the exam?
If the candidate fails the exam, then they will get a score report that indicates the module that they have failed or passed. They will also get a cumulative scoring percentage on a per-domain level basis across both modules.

What can students expect in the exam?
This is an eight-hour practical examination that examines the candidate's skill through the network lifecycle of deploying, designing, and operating
the complex scenarios of networking. The exam has 2 modules.

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