CCNA Exam Study Plan 2024: A Step by Step Guide

06 Nov 2023    Techi Blog

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is one of the most valuable and respected IT certifications one can obtain. Earning the CCNA demonstrates competence in networking fundamentals, technologies, and abilities. With renewed importance placed on networking skills, now is an excellent time to start studying for the CCNA exam. Here is a recommended one-year study plan to help you earn this valuable certification in 2023.

Cisco CCNA Exam changes

In February 2020, Cisco announced updates to the CCNA certification and exam. The current CCNA exam (200-301) launched in February 2020 focuses more on network fundamentals and less on specific technology skills. It places greater emphasis on core networking knowledge and skills needed for an entry-level networking career or to pursue more advanced Cisco certifications. Understanding these changes is key to developing an effective study plan.

Phase 1: January to April
The first phase focuses on networking fundamentals and Cisco hardware. Allocate 3-4 months to lay the groundwork. Begin with Cisco's Introduction to Networks course to start building knowledge. Study network models, protocols, infrastructure, and the functions of network devices. Obtain hands-on experience through CCNA labs using routers and switches. Review networking concepts regularly. Aim to complete Chapter 1-5 of the official Cisco Press CCNA study guide by April.

Phase 2: May to July
Now deepen your understanding through more advanced topics. Study routing protocols, services, security, automation, and programmability. Work through CCNA labs covering switching technologies, VLANs, routing protocols like RIP, OSPF, and EIGRP. Pay close attention to IPv4 and IPv6 addressing. Review key exam objectives and ensure applicable knowledge is reinforced through practice questions. Aim to finish the Cisco Press study guide by July.


Phase 3: August to October
The final stage focuses on exam preparation. Review all topics thoroughly and revisit weaker areas. Work through at least one practice exam per week under exam conditions. Analyze results and address recurring errors or gaps in understanding. Supplement with additional study materials as needed. Schedule your exam for early October to allow time for a rest if required.

Phase 4: November to December
Once you've taken the CCNA exam, review immediately to reinforce learning. Analyze your performance and revisit incorrect questions to close knowledge gaps. Consider an intensive final review and practice exam in late November before the certification expires at the end of the year. Earning the CCNA opens doors to advanced Cisco training and networking career opportunities - so celebrate your accomplishment!


Strategies for passing CCNA exam
Alongside focused study, certain learning techniques can boost retention and help you absorb information optimally. Mix up study methods - combine reading, taking notes, watching videos, drafting study guides or flashcards. Test yourself regularly with hands-on equipment and practice questions. Explain concepts out loud or to study partners. Stay organized with to-do lists and scheduling study times around work or family commitments. With discipline and an effective plan, you'll be well-positioned to achieve the CCNA certification by the end of 2023.

Earning the CCNA certification requires commitment but offers tremendous rewards. It demonstrates competency in networking skills that are in high demand. Following a structured long-term study plan like the one outlined here will help you learn challenging technical topics and fully prepare for the exam. Stay motivated by remembering why you want to obtain this valuable certification. With focus and dedication to regularly scheduled study, the CCNA is well within reach. Take that first step - start your CCNA journey today. Your career and future opportunities will benefit greatly from this investment in yourself and your professional development.




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