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Welcome to Lan & Wan Technology - Your global training provider for in-demand and lucrative courses and certifications. We offer quality training to help individuals meet their professional goals.

 About us

Lan & Wan Technology is a training service provider and offers courseware in CISCO networking. This helps professionals to deliver measurable improvements in productivity and business performance. Professionals who complete CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE courses are equipped with state-of-the-art technical skills that let them stay at the forefront of their careers. With changes in the learning policies, the training methods that we offer have an increased accent on the e-learning delivery mode which lets professionals stay abreast with changes.

Since our inception in the year 2023, Lan and Wan Technology has proven itself to deliver a practical and high-value approach to learning. The founders are zealous entrepreneurs who see the need to fill the demands of the IT industry. Our various CISCO training programs let professionals stay on par with the ever-changing technology and help in their continuous professional development.

Our courses 

  • CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate is an IT networking certification designed by the Cisco System to evaluate the networking and IT qualification of an individual. The certification certifies a person’s knowledge about maintaining, installing, and troubleshooting network.
  • The Cisco Certified Network Profession or CCNP Is an intermediate-level program that offers technological knowledge in enterprise networking and troubleshooting.
  • CCIE or Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is an expert-level program that demonstrates expertise in building and designing.

Mission and Vision

 Mission- We aim to make LAN and Wan Technology a leading online learning platform and a one-stop solution for Cisco programs. We aspire to be recognized for academic programs and professional development that prepare the workforce for the corporate challenges in the field of IT.

Vision – To provide affordable and professional training of the highest quality which is designed to meet the global professional requirements. Our work is guided by our open, diverse, and integral values.

Values – Delivering quality education in various settings to meet the professionals’ diverse needs. Our vision is the framework of our roadmap and guides every part of our work to describe what we should achieve to continue to accomplish quality growth and sustainability.

Integrity - We built this company using high character standards and integrity of character which is the foundation of our growth.

Excellence - We offer quality courses imparted in a world-class teaching style that offers an exemplary learning environment. We keep customizing our content to meet the current business goals and needs and ensure a positive outcome.

We are your bridge toward a brighter future

Acquiring technical skills is inevitable and we believe in building the bridge that connects you to the best tech courses. To date, over thousands of  people in various stages of their careers have taken the Lan and Wan Technology course and have benefited from the best-in-class teaching curriculum and tools that have opened up opportunities and helped them build a bright future in tech and connect them to a real career path. Our customized training approach is strategic and of high quality that enhances employee skills.



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